architects reflecting on things that aren’t architecture.



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Off Topic is a zine-style publication where architects reflect on things that aren’t architecture.

It occupies the liminal space between what is and what is not architecture in order to highlight and question the relationship between the discipline and everything else. 

As such, the publication promotes work neither made for the school nor in conventional architectural practice—it’s off topic

/founded 2017


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Zoe Malecki
Wendy Guerrero
Jesse Gates

Sub Editor

Wesley Evans

Guest Editor      

Rebecca Fitzgerald
/vol. 4

Zane Mechem
John Cooper
Li Pallas
Jaewoo Chon
Jixun Wen
Deborah Garcia
Vincent Yung
Hiroto Tanabe
Danny Wills
Mira Henry
Anastasia Tokmakova
Zeina Koreitem
Jessie Helgesen
Christina Griggs
Rebecca Fitzgerald
Devyn Weiser
Jacqueline Falcone
Saide Serna
Kendall Mann
Liz Hirsch
Leah Wulfman
Kaita Saito
Ben Weisgall
Clarrie Scholtz
Andrew Zago
Marrikka Trotter
Julie Riley
Nick Gochnour
Amanda Kotch
Natou Fall
Daniel Arismendys Taveras-Hernandez
Anna Neimark
Matthew Au
Zoe Malecki
Maximilam Maria
Brandon Kintzer
Esra Durukan
Andrew Chittenden
Wesley Evans
Jesse Gates
Erik Ghenoiu
Sam Kaufman
Wendy Guerrero
David Eskenazi

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